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Why These Adults Regret The Shocking Things They Did When They Were Younger
We all did stupid things in our younger years. Growing up is all about trial and error, learning, growing and making mistakes. We wouldn't be the people we are today without our pasts. However, these people did some things as kids that they deeply regret now. These confessions reveal what they wish they could take back. Do you have any regrets from your younger years?

Be you!

I pretended I was straight until I was 17. I wish I was always my authentic self and didn't wait so damn long.


I said yes to the first guy who ever asked me out. Biggest mistake of my life. Now we're unhappily married. I was an idiot.

Live and learn.

I wish I did well in high school, instead of ditching half of it. I have my diploma now, but I wish I had it earlier when I needed it most .

Time to make the most of your life now.

In high school, I started smoking cigarettes and all I did was sleep.
I wish I would have never started and I was awake and active during my younger years.

Bad hair, do care.

The only thing I deeply regret from my childhood is cutting my own bangs! I'm sure some ladies out there can relate with me on that one! LOL

A heavy weight to carry.

I regret not turning my father in for abusing me as a child.