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Listen Up Ladies: This Is What It’s Like To Deal With Perimenopause At An Early Age
Perimenopause occurs when the ovaries stop producing eggs. It can occur when a woman hits her 30s or 40s before menopause officially hits and comes with a host of uncomfortable symptoms. These 19 women reveal how perimenopause affects them in these eye-opening confessions. Here's what they had to say about their experiences.

Your body is all over the place when it comes to perimenopause.

Recently had a pregnancy scare.
I am medically advised against having more children, so I had a whole plan in place for my response. Then I got my period.
Damn #perimenopause

What joy.


All of the fun of menopause but with heavy periods and unpredictable fertility!

This is not exactly what she had in mind when she signed up for treatment.

The hormone therapy I I just started for perimenopause is making me that normal?

The changes aren't pleasant.

Pretty soon all that lush, beautiful hair is going to be piling up in the bottom of the shower. Yes indeed, perimenopause is the start of some wonderful changes.

Some women must feel like they can never win.

I suffer from irregular sleep wake rhythm because of bipolar disorder type 2

I suffer from insomnia because of perimenopause

Oh great.

Apparently, perimenopause 'periods' are irregular, but involve even MORE bloating, cravings, depression, and apathy. 
Now hand me the damn chocolate.