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17 Wild Confessions From Private School Students
Attending a private school comes with a few unpleasant stereotypes. People think that students who study at these elite (aka super expensive) institutions are uptight snobs with no respect for anyone living below the upper class. While some students proudly live up to the stereotype, others would say their lifestyle is quite the opposite. Whatever their candor may be, all agree that what goes down when administrators aren't looking is buck wild.

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Sorry, not sorry.

My family's wealthy. I go to a private school. I wear designer and I'm a snob. But I don't care.


I went to private school and we weren't allowed to dance because dancing is "vertical position with a horizontal desire"


Thinking ahead.

I go to a private school and we have the schoolgirl uniform

In a few years or when I am married or something i plan on rehemming them to use them for a different reason


When I went to private school, I used to pretend I was at Hogwarts because the uniform I wore looked like Hermione's.


Private school didn't help prepare me for college at all. 
Waste of money.

Fake it till you make it.

I go to an expensive private school & try to fit in with the rich kids. 
My secret is I can't even afford 3 meals a day.

How backwards.

I bought this science book explaining evolution,  in a Catholic private school... let's just say I got a long lecture and had to write some Bible verses.  😕

So depressing.

I feel like being at a private school held me back from being able to be the person I want to be..

Yeah, that'll do it.

I got kicked out of a private school because I told a nun to go to hell.

At least you know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

I went to a all girls private school and now in my second year of university and still don't know how to talk to guys

Umm winning?

I egged my very conservative private school. The only reason I never got caught was because their security cameras didn't actually record anything.

Plot twist!

As captain of the cheer squad at an elite private school, no one would guess I have had to see a shrink for a year

Find your center.

I've been going to private school all my life. As a result, I'm too black for the white kids, and too white for the black. I'm afraid I'll never fit in

Rebellions are built on hope.

I go to a private school and if you untuck your shirt it is a sign of pure rebellion

So sad.

I know it's ok for me to be gay. But I'm still scared to come out because I don't want to get kicked out of my home and awesome private school. 

At least you learned something.

The only thing private school has taught me is how to do drugs, hide cigarettes/alcohol from my parents, and how inner city drug rings work

Can't stop, won't stop.

By night, I sneak out, party, and drink, but by day I go to private school, and lead worship. I hate living a double life, but I can't stop.

Our lips are sealed.

I go to a preppy private school and live a double life of drugs and partying on the weekend


I go to a private school where you can get expelled from hand holding. I full out made out with a guy in the hallway in front of a security camera during a football game. Never got in trouble.
I went to a private school and half the people in my class had tattoos in school and so did a good number of teachers


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