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14 Stories That Show The Power Of Pet Adoption
"I saved her life, and she saved mine."

My bf adopted our rescue dog just a few weeks before I had a miscarriage. I believe this dog was put in my life so I'd have another reason to live.
I adopted a 3 year old shelter cat months ago. He hasn't been affectionate. Last night he sat on my lap, kneaded me, and fell asleep. It made me cry.
I adopted a full grown rescue dog. 2 years later and he still has frequent nightmares.  It's okay, I'm a mom first. I rock him back to sleep in my arms. Every single time. He's my son.
My dog is an ex fighting dog. I adopted him because no one else did.
Now, he's my baby and I love him.
 All that aggression? It's nowhere to be seen. He's the sweetest ever!
I adopted Mei from the shelter. They said she was aggressive. Last night she assisted me after knee surgery with no prior training. Best dog ever. That's her in pic
I used to think "true love" was bullshit until I adopted a dog.