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20 Students Share Their Finals Week Horror Stories
We've all underperformed an an test, but have you ever fainted during an oral exam? Or farted for an entire lecture hall to hear? These finals week horror stories put most students' worst nightmares to shame. Read about their embarrassment below.

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You've been found out!

We were sending Morse code to each other using our pencils during an exam. Suddenly the professor tapped his pen repeatedly on his desk. 

It read "STFU" in Morse code.

Kind of clutch though...

I once froze up during an oral exam in front of my entire class and blurted out "to be continued" and then fainted. 

Public speaking game- weak

That's when you know things aren't going well...

I cheated on one of my finals. Still failed.

A bloody mess...

In the middle of my Physics Exam today, I Sneezed so violently that I hit my face on the desk and got a bloody nose.

I was in the front row, in a class of 60.

Maybe not the best game plan...

I was high my first time during my finals and
I laughed at every question I read

The worst feeling...

Oh, my God! I just slept through my final. dear lord, I've never felt more horrified.

If they didn't want people to laugh, why make the joke?

Today I had an important final exam 
I started uncontrollably laughing at a joke they put in the exam paper. 
Needless to say I was sent out for 10 minutes to recover.


I thought I could fart quietly during an exam

I set records for volume and duration instead

Did they think this would work?

On my exam, I didn't know the answer to a question so I drew a butterfly farting rainbows.. I'm in college.

Oh my...

Pulled my phone out to cheat during finals, and as soon as I unlocked my phone, the porn i was watching at home went off. Volume was all the way up.

Well, that's embarrassing...

Wrote a cute note on my exam telling my professor I had a crush on him. 
He corrected my grammar.

Like a bad dream...

So during my final someone sneezed and farted at the same time and I couldn't control my laughter

We've all been there...

I forgot my name during an important exam and couldn't even fill in the first page

The stress is real.

I once cried in the exam hall because i spelt a word wrong and my OCD wouldn't let me cross it out

That's not ideal!

Picking up plan B between finals. Yeah, welcome to college.

This seems sexist...

My business professor took marks off of my final presentation because I wore flats and he wanted me to wear heels

Seems highly illegal...

I accidentally hit someone's car while riding my bike today. I ripped their mirror off and kept pedaling because if I came in late to my final I wouldn't have been able to take it.

Face. Palm.

I once walked into a closet thinking it was the door to exit an exam room. I have never been so embarrassed in my life

Note to self: Don't write under the influence of fatigue.

My professor sent me an email about my final paper I wrote late one night. All he told me was "West Vagina" is not a state.... 
(Thank god I passed)


I had a panic attack in the middle of finals. I'm so embarrassed


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