I had to withdraw from college and quit my new job because I couldn't handle them with my Bipolar Disorder. I feel so worthless having my life dictated by my mental illness.
People ask me how I graduated college with a 3.92 GPA (Pre-Med). I don't tell them that I did it by riding the wave of MANIA of my bipolar disorder. (22F MS1)
I dropped out of college 4 years ago because of my Bipolar Disorder. I started taking classes again and I still can't handle it.
I have borderline personality disorder, bipolar, PTSD and panic attacks. I just graduated college. If I can do it anyone can!!
I was told because I am bipolar I will not reach my dreams. I graduated college and got a job that will start my career path!
I'm a 21 year old woman going to college for education.

I might have chronic depression or bipolar disorder .. One of the two.

The only thing that got me out of bed today was My Little Pony.