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Ever Wondered What It's Like To Have A Photographic Memory?
A photographic memory is a rare condition where people have the ability to remember information or visual images in great detail. Most people have cloudy memories of their recent or distant pasts. But others have a way to "see" how situations unfolded in the past. Being a person with a photographic memory sounds like a blessing, but it can also be haunting to remember literally every detail of your life.

Even people with photographic memories have flaws.

I have a photographic memory, can be highly intelligent, but lacking in attention span, common sense and social skills 😅

It puts you on the fast track to a great career.

I'm so grateful for my photographic memory! I don't have to study all the time or at all... Being in Medical School is hard, but having a photographic memory helps tremendously!!


Having a near photographic memory makes things very awkward... Yes, I remember our convo from two weeks ago, down to the individual subjects. I'm sorry you don't remember my name.

You are a genius in school due to your perfect memory.

I finished both high school and college early thanks to my photographic memory. I work as a crime scene investigator and lack hours of sleep. Cuz of that I went in PJs to a crime scene last night.

Wow, how the tables have turned...

I always had excellent memory (photographic memory to be exact). Until I starting meds and my memory turned to mushed pudding. Sometimes I'll forget to go to the bathroom for hours.

It's not normal! But it's amazing!

I have a photographic memory but I've never told anyone. I thought it was normal to remember everything I saw. Ever

Whoa, is this a dream world, or is this the real world?

I have photographic memory and I remember everything that includes my dreams and I have a hard time distinguishing reality because it's really clear and vivid in my memory
The only thing I love about myself is when I never study yet I still get it to the top place. Thanks a lot photographic memory!

Repetition helps.

I have a photographic memory or if I hear something and repeat it a few times I'll remember it

This could be helpful for crime reports...

Sometimes I accidentally memorize license plate numbers 😅 photographic memory I guess

Good point!

I have near photographic memory for personal details. Don't tell me anything you wouldn't want me to remember
Sometimes I hate doing well in tests because from then on everyone thinks you'll know the answer. I never do. I sleep in class I just have a slightly photographic memory. I think
I learn by photographic memory. I draw while my teachers lecture and I can remember what they were talking about. Here's some notes of mine.


My photographic memory

I got bored today and learned the Russian alphabet.
Until a few days ago, I thought that everyone had a photographic memory, because I do. I thought it was normal...
People said it isn't and not many people have it...
...my teacher let me retake my test after she spent the whole class going over the answers
...i have a slightly photographic memory and felt bad when i realized i had the answers memorized

Drugs have a lasting effect on your brain.

I've been on opiates so long my brain doesn't function right. I used to have a near photographic memory, but since the drugs I can't even retain basic information.

Definitely don't lie.

I have a photographic memory and I can read people. So don't lie to me. I always know. 😂

How do you lose something like this as you age?

As a child I had a photographic memory... 

However, it never developed
Having semi-photographic memory is like always sitting with a book you have to look thru.


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