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These Confessions Reveal How To Get Uninvited To A Wedding
Weddings are supposed to be a special, memorable and joy filled day. Those planning their wedding know that their guest list should consist of only loved ones who will make the day special. However, sometimes guest lists get tweaked after they're made. These people are solid proof of that. These confessions reveal exactly why some wedding guests had their invitations revoked. Who knows, maybe you can use some of these tactics to get out of a wedding that you no longer want to be a part of!

Talk about sibling love!

My parents refused to attend my brother's gay wedding, so they're not invited to my straight one.


No room for hate in your life.

My mom uninvited me to her wedding because my +1 is black. I uninvited her to my life, goodbye racist jerk.


I was asked not to come to a family wedding because my baby's presence in the hotel, not even at the wedding, will take away from the couple. WTF?

You don't need bad energy on your special day.

I uninvited a relative from my wedding for being Islamophobic.

The TV show?!

I was a bridesmaid. I got uninvited to the wedding because I said I didn't like supernatural. Fml

Wonder what the back story here was...

I once got uninvited to a wedding because my dad got in an argument with the bride.

Don't worry, my dad was still allowed to go.