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The Frustrating Reality Of Having A Partner With Commitment Issues
Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to relationships. While it's important to respect your partner's pace at love, there comes a point where you can tell when someone is leaving you in limbo. Having commitment issues can throw a wrench in any relationship. These people know it all too well. Their confessions will show you that dating someone with commitment issues is no fun at all.

Oh wow.

She called me her girlfriend today. Then she said it slipped from her mouth "on accident." 

We've been together 1year...

Love can be oh so scary.

My girlfriend has commitment issues. I can honestly see myself falling in love with her and I'm scared she will get freaked out. She says I'm different, but I still worry more than she knows.

It's not your job to fix anyone.

I want to know how to fix his commitment issues. He says he wants me "forever," but won't take that next step. How long am I supposed to be in limbo for?

You need chemistry and good timing.

I ended it because he has commitment issues. I can't help to think about it because we have great chemistry

How ironic.

Me and my boyfriend broke up because he has
commitment issues. We got back together and now I have them. FML

Ghosting is not cool.

My girlfriend has commitment issues and dumped me today after avoiding me for a month. She already likes another girl now too. I can't win.