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23 People Share Their Anti-Bucket List. Here's What They'll Never Do Again
It's best to live life without regrets. However, there are plenty of things people wish they never did and absolutely don't want to do again. An "anit-bucket list" is a list of things people have done and never want to do again. This list consists of memories that range from random to shocking. These confessions will make you realize that everyone has different tastes, limits and lifestyles.

What a nightmare!

Once I ate too many edibles in one day and I was high for 3 days straight. This is why I will never be doing edibles again!


I once had a threesome with two brothers...
I always wanted this, but it was SO WEIRD. Never doing that again.

Sounds painful.

Once I jumped out of a speeding car on the highway. Spoiler alert: not how to end a fight with your man. Never doing that again ever.

Sometimes you just can't go back.

I never want to be in a monogamous relationship again. Now that I've experimented with poly, why would I ever go back?

Boys will be boys.

Never passing out from drinking while with my brother and his friends. Sharpie doesn't wash off easily....note to self.

Sounds like there's a story behind this one.

I'm never having sex again in public. Lets just say...the rush you get is never worth the possible consequences.