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The Real Ways Women Keep Themselves Safe When It Comes To Dating
Sure, most guys aren't psychopath killers. But you never know what could happen. It's better to be safe than sorry. The threat of sexual or physical assault is still always there. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to make sure you stay safe and have a good time!

Every girl should have pepper spray.

I always carry a pepper spray to my bed before sex. If the guy doesn't want to wear a condom. I let the spray talk for me.

Pocket knifes are also an option.

When I meet a guy from online I always carry a pocket knife the size of my hand in my pocket. 

No freaking serial killer is killing me.
I carry a small knife in my purse at all times if we go on a date best believe I have it with me

Always bring the other kind of protection too.

As a woman, I always carry a condom with me. Never know what could happen and I'm not gonna count on a man to have one.

Have your own transportation.

When I go on dates I take my car...so he cant try to come home with me 😏

Know you can put up a fight.

I only date guys I know I can beat up just in case they try me
I think too much muscle on a guy is actually really intimidating. I will only date someone I'm reasonably certain I can take in a fight... just in case.

Make sure you collect DNA evidence.

I once went on a blind date where I had legitimate fear he might kill me. When we were driving I pulled out strands of hair and hid it around his car to leave evidence behind just in case.

Always do the first date in public.

I don't understand why guys get mad when you say no I don't want to come over and chill. Because I want to be in public just in case you try something shading. No thanks undercover murderer

Tell your friends where you'll be!

I have my friend call me  during every date, just in case it's going badly.

If I tell you I have to leave because my friend's going into labor, the date isn't going well.

Come prepared with the proper tools.

I met my boyfriend online the first time we went on a date I had a wrench in my purse just in case I had to knock him the fuck out.

Make sure you're financially covered.

I always bring 50+ dollars when I go on a date just in case the guy ditches me I have money to pay and to get a ride home.

Be careful who you invite inside.

I'm afraid of having a one night stand in case I invite a murderer into my house 😂😐 paranoid

Have an address to share with people.

What do you do to be safe on a tinder date? I like to give a friend the address of where I am going even though I always meet in public first.
If you go out on a date with a person you barely know make sure you tell at least one person where you are going. Better to be safe than sorry!

Fake phone calls can save your life.

Am I the only one who programs an alarm 10 minutes after starting a date to pretend it's an important call just in case of need-to-escape?

Have a backup plan.

Just girly things:
Texting your friend a list of instructions before you go on a date with someone in case your date is a murderer.

Make sure you can run in whatever shoes you wear.

Gotta practice  running in heels in case an axe murderer shows up when I'm exploring this forest... in heels...

Have guy friends to walk you home.

When my guy friends walk me home at night 'so I don't get raped'
I say in my head 'I'm fat so no one will rape me'
It's my barrier from danger

Do your research.

I always stalk a guy online before meeting them for a date, and sometimes I pay to find out more info 😳


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