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Have You Ever Used Someone Just To Get Laid?
Making love doesn't always mean you're in love. Sometimes sex is just sex and nothing more. These people confess to using other people just to get laid. Sometimes it's totally mutual and other times it blind sides the other person. These confessions show that the hookup culture is alive and well. Spoiler alert: it's not just the men that do it.

The intuition was real.

The boy I lost my virginity to said I just used him for sex. He was right.

Not a good idea.

I had sex with my best friend last night while we were rolling. And she told me she was in love with me. It was my first time with a girl. I used her for sex because my boyfriend is out of town.

Players are gonna play.

I left my ex for cheating on me. When he begged for me back, I came over and we had sex 3 times. Then I left and said it was a mistake. Used him for sex. Girls can play that game too.

No shame.

Confession: I'm somewhat of a player. I kinda love seeing the hate and heartbreak in a girl's eyes when they find out you just used them for sex after leading them on. Am I a psycho?

Nobody wants to be lonely.

I let guys use me for sex and I use them too. It's because in that moment they want me and even if it's fake, it boosts my confidence and gets me off too.

Everyone has their needs.

I use guys for sex because I'm scared to get close emotionally, but still need human connection.