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22 Devastated Kids Who Got Cut Off By Their Parents
Your parents have paid for everything your entire life. Then comes the dreaded day where they tell you they're cutting you off and you're on your own financially. What're you supposed to do? How do you deal with the stress of being broke? These 22 kids talk about their frustrations, worries and fears after their parents cut them off.

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Kids talk about the devastating moment they found out they were cut off.

This is it, I'm 18. My parents cut me off. So no more money. I have a full tank of gas and I have until march to get a job or.. that's it..
My parents cut me off financially. I'm only 17

Sometimes it's without warning.

My parents just cut me off w no warning whats so ever, couldn't they have told me earlier so I could've looked for a job? How am I suppose to pay my things/phone now?
My parents cut me off today to make me desperate to get a job. I had a job, they made me quit.

How terrible.

My parents moved all of my stuff out of the house and completely cut me off financially after they found out that I'm gay...

They didn't even leave me with enough money for a plane ticket home
My parents cut me off as soon as I turned 18 and I'm still struggling to get a job... At this point I'm desperate
My dad found out I was gay... he cut me off.

You can't live life according to their expectations.

My parents have cut me off and think I'm a manipulative sociopath because I'm 26 years old and don't always live my life according to their expectations.

The lack of financial security is stressful.

My parents cut me off. I miss the financial security. Now all I do is worry
My parents cut me off. I don't know what to do and my chest is aching.
I have to pay my college 3,000 per school year and my parents decided to cut me off financiallu today.

It's scary.

My parents cut me off. I'm completely broke and trying to contact them but they won't pick up.
Because I skipped out on their 25th anniversary
I'm getting kicked out of my dorm because I dropped my classes. My parents cut me off. I'm looking at living on the streets right now...

Going from privilege to poor is a tough pill to swallow.

I've always been one of the more privileged people in my community, and now that my parents cut me off, I don't know how to face people... I'm broke.

No money means sacrifice.

I almost failed first semester of college. Parents financially cut me off. I have to drop out of my 4 year to a jc b/c I don't have money
In college I only went on dates to get free food,, because my parents cut me off...

There is a bright side.

My parents are Milloinares and they cut me off from the money so I would get a job,save and learn how the world really works - it's helped me loads
My parents recently cut me off from my trust fund.
I feel I have found a new sense of freedom

The odds may be against you, but it doesn't mean you can't succeed.

My rich parents cut me off cold turkey  hoping I would fail and come running back to them a year ago. I have made a life for myself since, and am happy and free without any help from them at all.

You can come out stronger in the end.

I'm a college dropout. My parents cut me off because they said I wasn't going anywhere with my life. It's been five years and I have a job making/selling art that I enjoy and gives me more than enough money. HA IN YOUR FACE!


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