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The Strange Things People Have Said In Their Sleep
"Ted, you can't just buy all the strip clubs." Ted is our cat.

My brother talks in his sleep a lot and one night he yelled out "I don't want any burritos from you Jeff" 😂😂
My brother talks in his sleep all the time. One night he kept saying "hold the mayo.... Hold the mayo..." Then he sat straight up and screamed "I SAID HOLD THE FUCKING MAYO!!"
My brother sat up suddenly, sound asleep, and dramatically clutched the air whilst shouting: "No! Not the pineapple!" Then slumped  back down snoring.
My younger brother was sleepwalking and my older brother saw him peeing in the corner of the room. When he asked my little brother what he was doing he said im painting the door green!
My great grandma would always ask in her sleep, "Are you warm enough Sara? There's a draft in the barn." Sara was her sister that died in the 30s on their farm. Very sad. Made me cry every time.
Friend sat up in her sleep at a sleep over and yelled, "there will be blood tonight!" - from the movie The Princess Bride.