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19 Surprising Reasons Why Kids Were Kicked Out Of Their Homes
Why would a parent ever kick their child out of the house? These kids discuss what pushed their parents over the edge. From adopting a guinea pig to totaling a car, here's why these parents kicked out their children. The reasons will shock you.

What would push a parent to kick out their own child?

Most nineteen year olds get threatened to be kicked out because of drugs, smoking, etc.

I am because I impulsively bought a Guinea pig.

No kidding.

I kicked my son out when I found out he got not one, but TWO girls pregnant. If you're going to use your manhood, act like a man and get a job.


My parents kicked me out when I got pregnant. Now my sister is in the same boat and coming to live with me even though we haven't spoken for the last couple of years because that's how families should be.


My brother got kicked out for being violent towards our pets

Some people never learn...

My father in law kicked my brother in law out when he was 16 for pawning over $1000 of tools to buy drugs. He took him back after three weeks...for my brother in law to steal his credit card :-/


My brother was selling crack. Can't say I'm surprised my parents kicked him out!