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16 Sweet Secrets From Ice Cream Shop Employees
When your job involves being surrounded by ice cream, what could possibly go wrong? While the sweet treat is enough to put most people into a great mood, that's not the case for everyone, as these stories show. Here, 16 ice cream shop employees share their stories on the job. From irate customers to shocking experiences, here's what it's like behind the counter.

SO annoying.

I work at Cold Stone and singing for tips is absolutely horrible.


Last night I had a customer whose total was $6.66. After never having a customer with that total it really made me wonder if I just served ice cream to Satan

Not cool.

I work at an ice cream shop. Yesterday I gave this girl her ice cream and she basically tipped it upside down and then said "of course it fell out, a man scooped it for me"...sexism works both ways..

Reading helps a lot.

I work at an ice cream place and I hate customers that point to each flavor and ask what it is. There's labels that list the name and everything in the flavor. Just read it.


I work at an ice cream place and therefore eat ice cream literally every single day. 
If that's not the life, I don't know what is.

The uniform isn't always forgiving.

I work at Cold Stone, and every time I make someone's ice cream, I'm afraid they'll point out the scars on my forearms.