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Women Confess: I Date Married Men And I Have No Shame
Everyone has their preferences when it comes to finding love. For some women, they don't long for 'normal' relationships. In fact, sometimes they want what they want the ultimate forbidden fruit. Although very taboo, some women date married men. Despite negative feedback and judgement, they have their reasoning. These confessions reveal why single ladies love men who are already committed. What you read may shock you.


I 'date' married men. I try to date single available guys, but I get stood up. 

Why be good when the world doesn't let you?

Heartbreak is the worst pain ever.

My secret? I'm madly in love with my ex and we broke up 5 years ago. I date married men because I'm afraid of getting my heart broke again.

No shame.

Say what you want. I don't care. I date married men because they aren't nagging all the time and I get what I want with out having to give explanations. It's the best of both worlds in my opinion.

Guess that works if you never want to get married.

I love dating married men because then they can't ask me to marry them.

People will talk crap no matter what.

I laugh when people flip out because I date married men. People need to mind their own business. No one is perfect.

No shame in your game.

I date married men and I'm proud of it. They love my sexiness and I love that they are so appreciative of what I have to offer.