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Teachers Reveal Their Feelings About Safety And Violence In The Classroom
With recent violence in schools, it's no wonder that students are fearing for the worst in the classroom. It's a sad reality that many people can relate to. However, how do teachers feel? If there is a campus shooter or act of violence, they too will be in danger and will be expected to be in charge of students during an attack. Plenty of people have voiced their opinions about having guns in the classroom and other ways to combat classroom violence. These teachers have a lot to say about what they think the solution should be. Here's how teachers really feel about the subject.

So scary.

I’m a teacher. I wish I could carry a firearm when working to protect my students. Instead, I am told to prepare my students to throw things in an active shooter situation.

Everyone is desperate for a solution.

I'm a teacher. I wish there would be legit increased gun control instead of bringing in more guns

There's a lot of pressure involved.

Classroom violence NEEDS to stop, but the stress of having a gun in your classroom is horrible to think about. Trust me, I'm a teacher

Fair enough.

I'm a teacher and I wouldn't be okay with carrying a firearm. I'm a  teacher, not a cop.


At my school, we are told to just sit there if a shooter comes in. Literal sitting ducks. How is that a plan?

(I'm a teacher btw)

Don't blame you.

As a teacher, I don't get paid enough money to double as a cop. If you expect us to have guns, you can pay us a hell of a lot more than what we are making!