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17 Sleazy Confessions From Motel Workers
Motels don't always have the best reputation. The lower prices typically draw a seedier crowd of people who may be using their rented rooms to do some questionable things. However, what's it like for the employees dealing with customers in this environment? From disgusting findings to shocking encounters, find out what these employees deal with in 17 sleazy confessions.


I work at a motel. One of my coworkers who was living in a room was found dead from overdose this morning. And there's bedbugs

Cleanliness isn't the top priority.

I work at a motel and my  bosses are very meticulous but we never change the blanket or comforter... Yuck!

You get what you pay for.

I work at a motel and one time this guy wanted me to give him a discount because our cable didn't have enough channels. It's a motel! What do you expect?

That escalated quickly.

I work at a motel and some tweaker just tried to hop over our counter twice, and enter through our side door. Heart is racing but security escorted them off property 😂😂😂

You gotta do what you gotta do.

I work at a motel and one time I walked into one of the bathrooms and 3 people were doing drugs. I sprayed them with a fire extinguisher to get them out.

Could be worse.

Pros and cons of working at a motel:

Con: It's a motel
Pro:It's not fast food