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True Life: I'm On The Run From The Law
What is it like living your life on the run from the law? While everyone makes mistakes--some more serious than others-- it's important to own up to them. But not everyone does, as these 19 criminals show. Find out what landed them in the hot seat and how they're living their lives on the run in these shocking confessions.

Running from the law takes skills.

I've been on the run from the law for 2 years. I'm good at it.

Some people really go big.

I just got out of prison for burning my neighbors house down. Had 87 drug convictions and I'm currently on the run from the law for tax evasion.

No shame.

I turned my sister in law in after she started bragging how she's been on the run for 8 years. It's time she owns up to her past. I have no regrets.

Quite the relationship experience.

My first boyfriend was sweet until I found out 
- he was a coke addict
- was on the run from the law in Florida for assault
-had a newborn baby he never told me about

That's awful.

My kid's father is on the run from the law and won't turn himself in to be part of their lives. But he expects me to drop everything and move to him... NOT HAPPENING.

Can't believe it.

My sister is wanted by the law and still on the run after 3 years. She got her newest baby taken away and hasn't seen her son in 4 years.