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18 Dates That Got Rudely Interrupted By Exes
You did it! You finally got over that awful break up with your ex. Now it's time to venture back out into the dating world. You're having a nice time out with someone new, when suddenly, it happens. Your ex texts you. Or calls. Or just shows up. It can seriously ruin the mood. These people all had their ex interrupt their date in one way or another. How would you react if this happened to you?

Um, creepy?!

I was on a date with my new boyfriend and my ex texted me in the middle of our dinner "I like his beard"
my ex found out I was on a date and he followed us around.... should I report him??

Exes love to play with your feelings.

I'm going on a date with this new guy tonight, but my ex texted me last night and told me he loved me. I'm torn

Curse you, Snapchat...

Was on a date with my gf and my ex texted me and found us based based on my SC story and injected herself into our date... Ugh
My ex found me on Snapchat maps and tracked me down while I was on a date and tried to get me back. Nope.

Super awkward when your date sees who you're texting...

I was out on a date when my ex texted me asking to hook up. The guy saw, I felt so bad. I told my ex to get lost, but the fact that my date saw! Ugh! 😫