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True Life: These 19 Parents Faced Losing Their Children To DCFS
Raising children is no easy task. Some parents really struggle to provide for their kids- they face all kinds of challenges ranging socioeconomic struggles, to mental illness, addiction, and complicated family issues. Despite their best efforts sometimes parents are investigated by child services. Sometimes they are falsely accused of neglect, and other times the claims are legitimate. But however it comes about, it is a horrifying reality check for these parents. Read on for 19 honest confessions from parents who faced the Division of Child and Family Services.

And some get one!

I don't know who called child services on me.. but thank you. it has been a year.. the drug addicted father is out of our lives now and we have never been happier. you helped me more than you know.


Child Protective Services Were Called On These Unruly Parents Because...