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19 Kids Share The Best & Worst Dating Advice They Got From Their Parents
Should you ever listen to your mom or dads advice when it comes to your love life? While parents may have good intentions and want the best for their kids, their advice isn't always sound. These 21 kids share the dating advice they received from their parents. Here's what they were told ranked from best to worst.

Dads know best.

My dad told me that if a man doesn’t introduce you to his family within 4 months of dating it’s not going anywhere. Best dating advice he’s given me.

Moms know how to raise a strong woman.

Mom hasn't been on a date since 93'
And she STILL
has the best dating advice. 



Good plan.

My dad probably gave me the best dating advice. 

"Make sure she isn't a liability"

Easier said than done.

My mom's dating advice: "you should be friends before you go on a date" 
Idk mom, I think first I need to have actual friends XD

So true.

My dad always gave this dating advice: "boys are physically exhausting, women are mentally exhausting"

The best advice rhymes.

My dad told me the best dating advice,
"If you love something set it free, if it comes back then it's meant to be. But no one said how long it would take."
I suppose I'll wait, but it hurts knowing you're out not thinking of me..