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Go Behind The Scenes With These Brewery Employees
With craft beer all the rage right now, it's no surprise that breweries are popping up everywhere these days. While most people would say that there's nothing better than being able to enjoy a pint at these establishments, what's it like working in them? These 18 brewery employees are putting the spotlight on their awesome jobs. From drinking during their shifts to loving what they do, find out what really goes on as a brewery employee.

Don't be THAT customer.

I work in a brewery and I hate many of our wealthier clientele... just because you have money doesn't mean you get to treat others like slaves, don't snap your fingers, don't call me girl. Jerks.

Okay then.

Had a dude threaten me at work today. 
"I'm bigger than you. I could over power you and take the beer." 
I work at a brewery

Drinking on the job is acceptable.

Is it bad that drinking beer is my job? Really! I work for a major brewery so I'm expected to do it.

Money can't buy happiness.

Quit my high up directors position and now bartend at a brewery. It's nice to go to a job where you are free to be you and people are chill. More money doesn't make life better.

One way of looking at it.

I work in retail at a brewery.  So I’m essentially a therapist with booze.   They come in, complain and whine, then drink

That's awful.

I'm scared to tell anyone I have a drinking problem.  I work in a brewery.