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21 Brides Reveal What It's Like Being Pregnant On Their Wedding Day
What do women go through when they realize that they're going to be pregnant at their wedding? While having a baby can be the happiest of times, pregnancy can also throw a wrench in your bridal plans. These 21 brides open up about what it's like being pregnant on their wedding day. From hesitations about showing on the big day to shotgun weddings, find out what they had to say about their experiences.

Not what you were expecting.

My wedding is in 4 months and I found out I'm pregnant today. I'm always saying I want a baby, but honestly I'm terrified of looking bad on my big day.

Getting pregnant isn't the motivation to get married for every couple.

I was pregnant on my wedding day. Two months later we had our son. We got married because we love eachother, not because it was the "right thing to do"💕

Doesn't mean you can't have your big bridal moment.

I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter on my wedding day and I wore white. Every bride deserves to wear white virgin or not.

To each their own.

I wore a champagne dress on my wedding day because I was 2 months pregnant. It may be old-fashioned but this stuff still matters to me.

You didn't feel like yourself.

I hate my wedding pictures because they look nothing like me now. It really depresses me. I was 8 months pregnant and gained a lot of weight. Now I have lost 80 pounds since..

Pregnancy can kick things into high gear.

My wedding was sort of a shotgun wedding. We'd been together for 10 months and I was 4 months pregnant. We did it because we loved each other. We just had our 3rd anniversary 2 weeks ago.