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13 Unexpected Reactions From Bosses When Employees Called In Sick
You wake up one morning and realize that you've come down with something and can't get out of bed. The problem: you're scheduled for work and hate calling in. So you muster up the courage to call your boss and deliver the bad news. And while you didn't think your boss would be thrilled, you also didn't think your boss would react this badly...

Some jobs aren't so accommodating to their sick employees.

My job fired me because I called in sick a lot due to my anxiety and panic attacks
I work with food, and anytime I have called in my hours were cut. So, now I go to work sick and contagious, because my boss doesn't care even if you are in the ER
My boss wrote me up for calling in the first time because I didn't have a ride to get to work. I've been working there for 8 months, never called in or done anything wrong. I'm annoyed.

No kidding.

My boss got pissed and nearly fired me cause I called in and told her I've been running a fever and throwing up all night. Idk about her, but I wouldn't want someone like that to cook for my customers
My boss yelled at me today after I called in sick and she told me to be a "real adult". Okay let me just go cough in everyone's food for $8 an hour.


I got fired because I called in sick. I worked at a grocery store, and I was throwing up. I called in and they fired me.