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22 Totally Awesome One Night Stands
Today's modern hook up culture, along with digital dating in this swipe left, swipe right world, has people having more one night stands than ever. Turns out though, they can be even crazier than in the movies. You might even end up putting a ring on it. Either way, just make sure you stay safe!

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Go out of your comfort zone!

I went out last night with the sole purpose of having a one night stand. It's not something I normally do but I succeeded and it was awesome.

Blessings in disguise.

When my daughter was 19 she got pregnant after a one night stand

That child has blessed our family more than we could ever imagine

What a gentleman.

When I have a one night stand I only think that it is fair that I make the girl breakfast after great night.

Funny how life works itself out.

So my boyfriend is the guy I lost my virginity to in a one night stand and had a crush on for years, we finally got together 6 years later and now my daughter calls him step dad and he's great It's still surreal I'm with the man of my dreams

It's fun to get a little crazy.

I'm a very monogamous person but recently I had a one night stand and it was great! 10/10 would try again.

Take them on a real date and see what happens!

My one night stand from last week became a great date last night. About to make her breakfast

Sometimes you just need to hook up!

I had a much needed one night stand. Great sex and he was awesome.

You never know what can happen...

My one night stand turned out to be the love of my life
 I'm a lesbian and 3 years ago, I had what was supposed to be a one night stand with a "straight" girl 

We're getting married this fall

Must have been a real good night.

3 years ago I had a one night stand with my brothers best friend. 
Today, that man proposed to me.
My one night stand turned to a 10 year relationship.

Always fun to psych them out!

Once my one night stand woke up this morning .. I turned to him and yelled "hurry up and leave my husband will be home any minute!" 
The look on his face was priceless .... 
I'm not married. 

Things don't always go the way you planned.

My secret: My boyfriend was supposed to be a one night stand.

Clever, or mean?

I once peed the bed on a one night stand. She was still sleeping when I woke up, so I left a note saying it was her and promised I wouldn't tell anyone.


Had a one night stand the other night.....
Now shes across the table from me interviewing me for a job.....

He Who Must Not Be Named!

when I woke up after a one night stand, I couldn't remember his name. I saved his number in my phone as "Lord Voldemort".

Older means more experienced!

Had a one night stand with a hot stranger that I thought was 36 years old by the way he looked. The next morning he told me he was 54 years old. All I could do was laugh. No regrets. It was worth it.

Is this real life?

A man I had a one night stand with just offered to fly me out to see him

I didn't know things like this happened in real life

The bigger question: Is this person the result of said one night stand?

I just found out that my parents were originally only a one night stand. They've been married for 26 years..


I had a one night stand. When I woke up the guy was gone and I found $50 on my pillow.


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