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22 Weird Moments That Customers Witnessed Inside McDonald's
Everyone has sat inside a McDonald's at some point, whether you were drunk on a Tuesday and craving some nuggets, or went all the time as a kid just to get a toy and play in the tunnels. With the restaurants being so ubiquitous, there's always a chance of something crazy happening every now and then, particularly when people are hungry. Any employee can tell you stories of unbelievable things they've seen, but you'd be surprised what customers witness as well.

Not cool.

Once, I took all of the money out of an unlocked Ronald McDonald donation box in McDonalds

It's easy to end up McD's when you're under the influence...

One time I was with my best friend in mcdonalds and we were so drunk we started crying because we couldn't read the menu.
Nothing like being drunk in a bathroom stall in Mcdonalds
Okay so me and my gf are really high and we are in McDonalds and are both too scared to buy food


I'm in Mcdonalds and this customer is sitting at a booth on the phone. His call is on speaker and the person on the other line is moaning...

There's a lot that can be done with ketchup...

I drew ketchup abs on my stomach in mcdonalds