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22 Animators Reveal What Goes Into Animation
Have you ever wondered what an animators job entails? You see the finished products in television and movies, but what goes on behind the scenes? These 22 animators are sharing their stories. From dealing with haters to tedious details, here's what they had to say about their jobs.

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What is it like being the person being the animation?

I'm an animator.
I love my job.
I'm an animator and I come up with many stories to animate and draw. My mom thinks that I can't even plan a new story until I finish all the old ones, but animating takes time and I have so many ideas

Inspiration is everywhere.

How to Train Your Dragon is the movie that inspired me to pursue a career as an animator.

Don't listen to the haters.

My teachers always said drawing would get me nowhere. I'm an animator.
Same people tell me not to follow my dream as an Animator. I wanna make stories with my art

You have to believe in yourself.

Making videogames is very difficult and intimidating.
Im an animator doing game art and im falling so behind. 
I can do it,gotta believe.

It gives you the opportunity to create what you want to say to the world.

As a fellow artist, if you want a career in art. Explore, find what you can do great at.
I'm an animator because someone told me, create what you want to say to the world.

People don't always appreciate the work you put into it.

I'm an animator on YouTube. 
Dealing with my audience is probably the hardest part. 
They don't understand nor appreciate the effort that goes into making videos.

It's all in the details.

I'm an animator and tend to look at how people move. when I see an interesting walk it's exciting! all movement is beautiful!
I'm an animator and my best friend rolled her eyes at a story idea that I was otherwise really passionate about. It's made me reconsider my story and her. If she thought it was a weak idea, she could have said so. Body language hurts

All animation is not created equally.

I'm an animator, but you shouldn't have to be one to understand that anime is just another genre of entertainment. They may be cartoons but most are not for kids at all.
In addition, they are awesome!
As an animator I hate claymation like ligit hate

What is the job market like?

I'm about to graduate as an animator and I'm terrified I won't get a job

The pay is pretty sweet.

On average a brain surgeon gets $393,070 annually.
I'm an animator/ graphic design artist and get paid on average $502,810.

You have a creative mind.

As an animator, every time I listen to a song I tend to picture a music video. And if I like it, I get working on it.

Every millisecond is important.

What i learned from being an animator: every millisecond is important

It's tedious.

being an animator means constantly flipping the page making sure it looks like a good transition

It's not for everyone.

Sometimes I really have to convince myself that my career path is really what I want want. my only argument for being an animator is because I feel I can't do anything else
Being an animator is a struggle
I'm starting to hate my job as an animator


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