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18 Cringeworthy Moments People Were Butt Dialed
While cell phones are a nice convenience that give you access to the world at your fingertips, there is a downside. Technology isn't perfect and sometimes things can go awry and lead to some very awkward situations. These 18 people learned that the hard way when they accidentally butt dialed someone at the worst possible time. What's worse: what they were doing or who was on the other end of the line? You be the judge.

Cats out of the bag.

Once I cancelled a call to my crush before his phone rang.. that evening... I accidentally butt-dialed him.. he heard me talk about him.. that darn delayed phone lock!!

Could have been much worse!

I accidentally butt dialed my boss and left a voicemail of me singing Metallica. Thankfully he just found it funny.

Oh no!

I accidentally butt dialed my ex and he overheard me talking about him. I’m so annoyed.

So heartbreaking.

I found out I was the "other woman" when my boyfriend accidentally butt dialed me while he was doing his wife.


Has anyone else accidentally butt dialed their boss while watching porn? Just me? Okay...

That must have been an awkward encounter.

The one time I tried to give my bf a lap dance he had his phone in his pocket and we accidentally butt dialed 911...