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22 Former Starbucks Employees Share What Got Them Fired
Being a barista seems like a fun job right? Free drinks whenever you want! It's actually pretty intense, and there's a lot you have to learn in a short amount of time. Not to mention dealing with angry customers who haven't had their caffeine fix yet. It's a hard job, and it's easy to get let go if you're not up to par.

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I got fired for drinking coffee from Burger King at work.

I worked at Starbucks.

There's hundreds of drinks to learn.

I'm severely dyslexic. And I got a job at Starbucks. My boss fired me because I could not memorize my partner numbers or remember how many pumps to put in the cups. It was only my 6th day... 😭
Great respect to Starbucks baristas around the world! I got fired during my "training" bc I couldn't remember all the steps to every beverage in 1 week…

Working with customers is never a walk in the park.

When I was working in Starbucks a woman  threw a coffee at me because it tasted bad...I punched her and broke her nose 
I got fired but I showed her

Isn't that good customer service though?

I used to work at Starbucks. I would always draw a smiley face on the cup and write HAND (have a nice day). I got fired because my boss saw it as  unprofessional and immature :c

Don't be too generous with the free drinks!

My boyfriend might get fired for giving me free drinks (he works at starbucks).
I told him not to 😓
I once gave a cute girl free coffee at Starbucks, then got fired

Anything for followers!

I used to work at Starbucks and whenever someone orders I would also put my IG on their cups and tell them to follow me. I already have 1000+ followers. I got fired though


I used to work in Starbucks. I got fired when the manager realised I was spelling peoples names wrong just so they couldn't instagram their drinks. he realised when I wrote "khatelynn" instead of "Caitlin"

Hopefully the supervisor got fired as well.

I was a Starbucks barista but because I didn't want to sleep with my supervisor he got me fired. But karma paid back and then some.

Just being honest...

i work at starbucks and this girl with nothing but booty shorts and a see through crop top came in smacking on her gum an instead of writing her name i wrote, "put on some clothes" i got fired

It's rough out there...

I was Fired from Starbucks because I was caught stealing money due to financial problems, barely making it to day to day. However they didn't know I took over $2000 over the course of 6 months. .


I worked at Starbucks and was fired for accidentally messing up someone's pronoun, I called them ma'am and they got super offended. It was an honest mistake.
I was fired from Starbucks for drawing inappropriate things on people's cups. A girl called corporate on me lol
When I worked at Starbucks a guy asked me write "a-hole" on his cup for his friend. I did it and it got me fired.

Sometimes you just get a bad manager.

I loved working at Starbucks when I was younger for a few years. Wish they had paid more but still loved it. But then my manager fired everyone in my whole store or nagged so much that we all quit.

Did they do the right thing?

I got fired from Starbucks today for punching a guy in the face. He slapped his girlfriend no women deserves to be treated like that .
I work at Starbucks and I don't charge cops, EMTs, or people in the military. I might get fired over it, but why charge the people who fight for everyone else's life before worrying about their own.
I got fired from Starbucks a few years back for buying a homeless man a coffee, bottled water, and sandwich...I will never again go to a Starbucks.

Best do what the customer says...

Went to Starbucks today, ordered a soy latte, cos im vegan. Saw the barista pouring in whole milk, so i flipped. he then called me a liar and to get my facts right when i full on saw him use whole milk, had him fired on the spot 😏


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