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22 Former Starbucks Employees Share What Got Them Fired
Being a barista seems like a fun job right? Free drinks whenever you want! It's actually pretty intense, and there's a lot you have to learn in a short amount of time. Not to mention dealing with angry customers who haven't had their caffeine fix yet. It's a hard job, and it's easy to get let go if you're not up to par.


I got fired for drinking coffee from Burger King at work.

I worked at Starbucks.

There's hundreds of drinks to learn.

I'm severely dyslexic. And I got a job at Starbucks. My boss fired me because I could not memorize my partner numbers or remember how many pumps to put in the cups. It was only my 6th day... 😭
Great respect to Starbucks baristas around the world! I got fired during my "training" bc I couldn't remember all the steps to every beverage in 1 week…

Working with customers is never a walk in the park.

When I was working in Starbucks a woman  threw a coffee at me because it tasted bad...I punched her and broke her nose 
I got fired but I showed her

Isn't that good customer service though?

I used to work at Starbucks. I would always draw a smiley face on the cup and write HAND (have a nice day). I got fired because my boss saw it as  unprofessional and immature :c

Don't be too generous with the free drinks!

My boyfriend might get fired for giving me free drinks (he works at starbucks).
I told him not to 😓