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"After my brother outed me as a lesbian, I stole his girlfriend."
21 Times Gay Youth Were Outed By Somebody They Trusted

My coworker outed me as bi a little while ago, and now, whenever he sees a girl he thinks is hot, he points her out to me. Like, bro. I have a way different taste in women than you.
I never really officially 'came out' to most people, just close friends. My mom found out when looking through the my texts after a suicide attempt and then outed me.
My “friend” outed me yesterday and then expressed her transphobia by saying that she found it nasty to be with “a transgender”
I have to come out to my dad tomorrow because someone from my family outed me to other family members. I'm not ready. 😖
My mom just outed me to my grandparents as a transgender boy and all they did was ask about when the great grandkids are coming 😂
a girl i know i came out to outed me to like 20 people and now i'm to scared to go out