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Kids Tell All: I Love To Party Hard With My... Parents!
Most people remember having to sneak out of the house to go to a party or find a way to get alcohol. These lucky kids never had that problem. Their parents bought them drinks and threw them parties. Here's what it is like to have cool parents

It can make them not want to drink.

My parents let me get hammered so I'll know what a hangover feels like and what being drunk is like and I don't remember half of it but it was great! Never again for a long time 🙃
My parents buy my alcohol and let me drink it as long as I'm not going anywhere. I feel like a rebel

When your friends are more strict than your parents.

My parents let me drink when we go on vacation. I told my friend and she lectured me on the dangers on alcohol and, whenever it comes up, hints that I'm an alcoholic. I've never even been drunk before
As long as I'm not going anywhere that night, my parents let me drink. 
I've gotten more drunk with my dad than I have at any party I have ever gone to.

Parental priorities.

My mom lets me drink but if I take a nap she gets mad. I'm really confused about it.
My Dad let me drink for the first time and it was the best thing ever. Alcohol makes me feel so warm and loose and great, I'm only 17 tho so shhh lmao
My dad wants me to smoke weed with him. and get high for the first time. he also said he would let me drink. do I do it? I mean I kinda want to but I'm scared.
My dad lets me drink. 
I don't think he cares that I'm totally dependent on alcohol

Dad of the year.

my dad is a 'cool dad' who lets me drink and be out until late etc, and thats the reason why Im a good kid.
no teen pregnancies, no STDs no nothing.

and to think hes a single dad
That moment when my mom lets me drink the rest of her whiskey yasss
Unpopular Opinion: 

I will let my kids drink alcohol at home if they want to drink. I want them to know their limits.

Parents can get you more turnt than you'd think

You know you're old when you have a drink with your parents and their mates and they get you drunker than you've been in years 🤤
Got a late night drunk txt from my step dad begging me to go out to the bar with him and my mom since when do parents want to drink with their kids and I'm 24and dads buyin me shot aftershot🤔+👪+🍺=?

Mom and dad go hard.

Whenever I drink with my parents, we drink till 6pm the next day

Thanks, mom.

So the first time I got drunk, my mom let me go out with friends. We got wasted and supposedly I ran around calling everyone a "Potato Betch"
I'm 17 and my parents let me drink, smoke, date, and spend all the money I want because they're trying to make up for not giving me attention when I was a kid

College prep.

My parents let me drink alcohol every day since I was 15 in order to build up my tolerance level so when I get to college I won't end up in the ER.
My parents let my 18 y/o brother get drunk in Mexico. Now he's throwing up in our hotel room😭😷

The source of a hangover.

So I moved back in with my parents and my dad wanted a drinking buddy. I also started my first day of work today... Completely hungover.


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