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These Ocean Encounters Scarred People For LIfe
There's nothing better than taking a trip to the beach on a hot day, spending your time laying out on the warm sands and taking a dip in the water. But most people don't think about potential dangers that can turn a fun day at the ocean into a nightmare. These 17 individuals share the most terrifying moments they've experienced in the water. Find out what happened in the following confessions.

There are some experiences that stay with your for life.

I have a fear of water because when I was on excursion as a child I refused to swim in the ocean because I’m bad at it and a teacher threw me in and there was a rip tide. 
I nearly died that day.

This wasn't the bonding experience they had in mind.

One time I was in a boating accident in the ocean. The boat sunk and me and my family almost died. Haven't been able to go back.

Take it one step at a time.

A year ago, I was in a shark attack and lost my lower right leg. Today I got back into the ocean, and went snorkelling. It may not seem like much too you, but it is a huge accomplishment for me!

It could happen to anyone.

Once I went to the beach with my ex and there was a riptide so I had to get out of the water. Later I found out that guys, legit near me, were sucked into the ocean and drowned. It could have been me.

The ocean can be very scary at times.

I got pulled into the water by the riptide near some boulders... looked up and saw 2 big parrot fish a few feet from me, and then the ocean spit me out. I never swim in the surf without goggles now.

Face your fears.

I nearly drowned saving a friend from a riptide once. I haven't been able to swim in the ocean since. I'm going to the beach in a week