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18 Uber & Lyft Drivers Reveal The Shocking Fights With Their Riders
You've probably heard some of the sensational stories about fights between passengers and Uber or Lyft drivers. However, there are other angry encounters between drivers and riders that don't always make the headlines. These 18 people reveal the shocking fights they've experienced using the rideshare services. From heated arguments to fist fights, here's what went down and why.

Can't believe that happened.

My Uber driver got into a fight with another person in a different car... The other guy cut my driver off really badly.

Putting him in his place.

I had an Uber passenger threaten to fight me because I told him that if he hit his gf again, I'd rip his arm off and beat him to death with it.

Don't mess.

My boyfriend got into a fight with our Uber driver because he was hitting on me. It was SO annoying.


I got into a fight with my Uber driver tonight. The guy was such a jerk and really pushed my buttons.

Not off to a great start.

Got into a fist fight while driving for Lyft for the first time tonight. Yay me.

Anything can set you off.

Had two Lyft Line passengers almost get in a fight because Pass 1 stank like she bathed in her perfume and Pass 2 rolled down her window to escape the stench. Pass 1 was none too pleased. Oh well.