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These Couples Helping Each Other Through Their Panic Attacks Is True Love
Hard to watch someone you love go through such pain.

I put love notes from my girlfriend in my wallet so I can read them in case  I have a panic attack.
My girlfriend battles depression and I don't know what to do or how to help when she has a panic attack
I just broke down and had a panic attack in front of my girlfriend. She was there to support me and help me feel better but I feel so bad for dragging her through this with me.
My boyfriend called me last night because I was having a panic attack. He left a party early, and called me piss drunk because I couldn't stop crying or shaking. I love him so much.
My girlfriend was having a panic attack alone at her house and needed help. So I ran to her because I can't drive. I've never been so glad to do cross country because she lives about 3 miles away.
I just had a panic attack in front of my girlfriend and she handled it better than my parents. God, I love her.
I had a panic attack the other day while talking to my boyfriend. 

I apologized later for being broken. 

He said "it's ok, we will get the pieces."
I had my first panic attack the other night. Immidiatly,  my girlfriend called me up to calm me down. Even though it was 02:30am. I now feel even closer to her.
My boyfriend called and sang to me while he was at work because I was having a panic attack. I'm only nineteen but I think I'm going to marry this man. Sobbing now bc I love him so much.
My boyfriend knows I have bad anxiety so when he knows I'm having a panic attack, he just holds me and never let's me go. True love
I had a panic attack last night while my boyfriend was over and he's never seen me cry before. He thought it was really sweet I let him see. I just couldn't be alone.
I had a huge panic attack in front of my boyfriend last night. He sat down with me and made me tea and stayed with me until I was ok. I think he's the one.
I started to have a panic attack in front of my boyfriend today, and he pulled me into his lap and held me, kissing my forehead while whispering how much he loves me, until I calmed down.
Whenever I have a panic attack my boyfriend will give me massages and rub my back to calm me down. It's truly quite comforting and reassuring.
I texted my boyfriend last night, saying I was scared that I was going to have a panic attack. He called me over FaceTime and sang and played his guitar until I calmed down. 
He doesn't know how much that meant to me.
My boyfriend has me call him and wake him up at night when I'm about to have a panic attack so he can help me get through it
My girlfriend basically has panic attacks in her sleep.  The only thing that calms her down? 
Putting her hand on my beard so she can rub it.
My girlfriend suffers from panic attacks. 

Do I judge? No. I support her through all of it. Because she needs me in those moments and let's face it, I love her to the moon and back. ❤
Both me and my girlfriend have frequent panic attacks

It seems like a toxic mess but we love each other and help each other out a lot.
When my boyfriend falls asleep on the phone with me, I stay on because sometimes he has panic attacks in his sleep, so I sing him back to sleep. He doesn't know.


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