Parents aren't supposed to play favorites but they're only human.

I'm jealous of my brother because almost every night, my mom tells him she loves him. I can't remember the last time she said that to me.

This double standard is ridiculous.

My brother said he was depressed, I worry about him but at the same time I feel jealous that he is taken seriously and my depression is just perceived as "woman" and "on her period"

Not everybody can have it all.

I have Asperger's. My sister is probably jealous that I don't have to work as hard for my grades, but I'm jealous of how well she handles social situations.

Jealousy is an ugly shade.

Sometimes I'm jealous of how much prettier my sister is than me.

Living in the shadow of your sibling can be rough.

My younger brother has autism and I'm actually jealous of him. He's so smart, funny, strong, and everyone loves him. He's everything I want to be.

Life would be so much better if courage came easier.

My sister is getting a divorce and I'm so jealous she had the courage to break free while I die a little more inside every day in an unhappy marriage.