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Men Tell All: I Married A Cop And This Is What Our Lives Are Like
What is it like having a wife or girlfriend who is a police officer? For some men, they may not be able to handle having a partner who works in such a heavily male-dominated field. These men, however, appreciate their girlfriends and wives for putting their lives on the line to help others. Follow along as they reveal what it's like having a significant other who is a police officer.

People have interesting opinions when they find out your wife is a cop.

I'm a stay at home dad for my two baby boys, my wife is a cop. People always laugh at me and say my wife is tougher than me and stronger, and I should be providing for my family.

Little things you do for your partner can make a huge difference.

My wife is a cop. Once a month I put fresh ammo in her mags, clean her weapon, and inspect her body armor. 
She still doesn't know. 
She's my hero.

Always be supportive.

My girlfriend is a cop. I think it's amazing what she does. It's hard. I couldn't do it.

You worry about them.

My wife is a police officer. When she works at night I listen to the police radio to make sure she's safe.❤️

A sense of humor is important.

My wife is a cop and has pretended bananas are a radar gun to scare drivers.

No kidding.

My wife is a cop. She puts her life on the line everyday and I'm so proud.