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Women Open Up About Their Experiences With Ectopic Pregnancy
It's every parent's worst nightmare: receiving news that what was supposed to be a healthy pregnancy has taken a turn for the worst. However, in the case of an ectopic pregnancy--a condition where the fertilized egg grows outside of the uterus--the mother's life is also put in danger. These 18 women experienced the nightmare ordeal of an ectopic pregnancy. From reliving the heartbreaking day to moving on after loss, these somber confessions show that you're not alone.

Unless you've been through it,

My family said "people who need a 'coping mechanism' to live after losing a child are just obsessed" 
I almost died from an ectopic pregnancy 2 years ago and very much have a coping mechanism to deal.

The news is hard to bear.

A few days ago I realized I was pregnant. Today, the doctor told me is an ectopic pregnancy. I haven't felt so sad and empty in my life

One second you're pregnant, and the next...

I found out I was pregnant and that it was an ectopic pregnancy on the same day. I was then rushed to surgery to have my left tube and the baby removed. I'm so devastated right now...

Never forget.

Last night I woke up thinking I had a big pregnant belly.
I lost my daughter 8 months ago due to an ectopic pregnancy. 
I still think of her every day.

That's awful.

I had an ectopic pregnancy, I lost my baby & that's exactly what my ex wanted.. I feel like my whole heart just got ripped out & he won.

The moment changed your life.

I'm pro-life because I had a ectopic pregnancy and was hospitalized and lost the baby...and I got to see that beautiful baby at 9 weeks. I truly believe in life in the womb.