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19 Super Weird Texts People Received From Random Numbers
How do you respond if a random number texted you out of the blue? Would you play along, ask who it is, or just ignore it completely? Whatever your reaction may be, the context of the text may leave you feeling a bit dumbfounded. Here are some of the craziest text messages people received from random numbers.

Okay, low key terrifying.

Today I got a random text from a number I didn't know that said 
"Look at you eating soup"
I was sitting in my living room, alone. I'm scared.


A random chick texted my phone accusing her man of cheating but she thought I was him she was so embarrassed when I told her wrong number

Ugh, the worst!

Congratulations random text,  you just woke the insomniac up. 
Now I'll never sleep again.


My husband thinks I'm cheating because some random number texted me about going to dinner. 

If I was cheating I wouldn't of showed it to you!

Umm.... what?

A random number texted me today saying "pickles" so I replied:

 "Pickles the drummer doodly do ding dong diddly Doo!!"

Welcome to Catfish.

A random number texted me and he was literally everything I wanted in a guy.

Turns out, it was some girl being immature. 

The nerve of some people.


I got a text from a random number asking if I was Jayden. I'm not. I'm Joe. Then they argued with me about who I am.

So romantic...

On my 21st birthday, I went out to the bar with one of my friends. The next day I woke up to a text from a random number that said "Happy Birthday, your friend sure is hot." Okay, thanks. -_-

OMG, rude!

This random number text me at 12:01 and said "goodnight beautiful." I have no idea who it is and they won't text me back!!!


So a random number texted me saying he was my secret admirer, hes made me feel so good about myself, more than my bf has in idek how long. But he won't talk to me now that he knows I have a bf

So scary!

I got a random text from an unknown number once... threatening my life... to this day I haven't figured out who it was cuz they stopped texting once I threatened to involve the police.

Hide your kids! Hide your wife!

Some random number texted me tonight saying they're going to come over to my house while I am sleeping. They know my name and won't tell me theirs. What do I do?

Better keep those receipts!

I just got a text from a random number saying my boyfriend is cheating on me


Some random number texted me asking if I was still with my ex. I don't know who it was, but I didn't respond back, and now I feel heartbroken because it's bringing up so many bad thoughts in my head..


A random number texted me and I texted back and said "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?" 😂😂 they didn't reply


...just got a text from a random number asking who I am and claiming to be my boyfriend's girlfriend and sayin she doesn't want to be cheated on. Wow

Creepy and cute

So I got a random text from an unknown number that said I love you...

Probably not, though.

I got this random text yesterday saying merry Christmas. I have no idea who it is but I'm hoping my crush somehow got my number and it's him😁
I got a text from an unknown number yesterday. Apparently this person was guessing someone else's star sign, but texted the wrong number. 
They happened to guess my sign. 
Officially creeped out!
I just got a text from a number I don't know. It says they're sick and vomitting. 

Should I tell them that vomiting only has one T?


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