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16 Students Open Up About Their Community College Experiences
When you're a student in high school, a lot of emphasis is placed on going to a four-year university after getting your high school diploma. However, not every individual ends up at a four-year institution for a variety of reasons like finances and grades. Is it anything to be ashamed of though? These 16 students open up about what it's like going to community college to further their education. From negative perceptions to frustrating experiences, here's what they had to say.

Community college isn't the typical college experience.

I thought going to a community college for mechanical engineering was a smart move but now I’m 21 and I'm only a sophomore still living with my parents. I feel like such a loser.

Grades are a factor.

My mom is upset that I'm going to a community college but I couldn't tell her I have a 0.9 gpa and only community college would accept me.

Tattoos are still an issue for some people.

I go to a community college. One of my teachers said that tattoos are so working class. I was the only person in class with a tattoo when she said that...

Major FOMO.

I joined the military after high school and got a degree from a community college when I get out. Always feel like I missed out on the college life

Being a student is tough.

I'm an undocumented student. I came here when I was 5. It's so depressing because I'm going to a community college and I'm struggling to pay for one class.

Family isn't helpful.

My mom is ashamed and embarrassed that I attend a community college. I honestly don’t know how to react