Your first reaction may be, "why me?"

My wife cheated on me while i was deployed..... i have never cheated on her... ever.. why me?!?

You may wonder if there are any faithful women out there.

My wife cheated on me while I was deployed the whole time. Is there a faithful woman anymore?

Can you ever trust again?

My ex-fiance cheated on me while I was deployed.  8 years later and I still can't trust.
Ex wife cheated while I was deployed, part of me wants to do the same to someone else.
My girl cheated on my while I was deployed...we are going to a mutal friends wedding this weekend...I need a hot hot hot date to make her jealous and get my confidence back

You would think they would have learned the first time...

My first deployment my wife cheated on me and left. We worked things out and it was great. Now I'm deployed again and she's doing the same thing.