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"My Wife Cheated While I Was Deployed. Are There Faithful Women Anymore?"
Deployments are never easy. When your spouse is back home thousands of miles away while you're serving your country you hope that you can trust the other person to remain faithful. However, for these 23 military men, their worst fears were realized when they discovered that their spouses had cheated while they were away. How do you deal with it?

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Deployments are a difficult time for families. Distance can either make the heart grow fonder or lead to wandering eyes.

Found out my wife cheated when I was deployed. Don't know how to feel

Realizing the person you love has cheated can have devastating effects.

Cheated on me while I was deployed and then sold everything we had in our house and left me with 4 empty walls of a "house"
My girlfriend cheated, got pregnant, then married while I was deployed. Every girl now won't even give me a chance...

The reality is hard to face.

She cheated on me and left while I was deployed :( said she hasn't loved me in years
I wish I never deployed.. Maybe you wouldn't of cheated on me
Im in army and my gf cheated me when i was deployed for service... Since then i cant get my self together.

Your first reaction may be, "why me?"

My wife cheated on me while i was deployed..... i have never cheated on her... ever.. why me?!?

You may wonder if there are any faithful women out there.

My wife cheated on me while I was deployed the whole time. Is there a faithful woman anymore?

Can you ever trust again?

My ex-fiance cheated on me while I was deployed.  8 years later and I still can't trust.
Ex wife cheated while I was deployed, part of me wants to do the same to someone else.
My girl cheated on my while I was deployed...we are going to a mutal friends wedding this weekend...I need a hot hot hot date to make her jealous and get my confidence back

You would think they would have learned the first time...

My first deployment my wife cheated on me and left. We worked things out and it was great. Now I'm deployed again and she's doing the same thing.

What about the children?

My wife cheated on my 4 years ago while I was deployed to Iraq. I just found out on yet another deployment. I want to divorce her, but im afraid she will keep my children away...
My wife cheated on me while I was deployed. I didn't find out until after 'our' child was born.

How can you still love the person?

Was deployed and wife cheated on me. But why do I still love her?
She cheated with 15 guys while I was deployed. But I still love her. What's wrong with me?

Should have listened to mom.

My wife cheated on me while I was deployed. Should have listened to my mother. Pro-tip: If your mother has "odd" feelings about the person your with, listen to your mother instead.

Can you forgive?

My significant other cheated on me with her ex bf...while I was deployed overseas. Tough to forgive.

It ruins you.

Getting cheated on while deployed by the woman you trust with your life, the one you'd die for... That ruins you

In the end, life moves on.

I was 23 when my now ex-wife cheated and left while i was deployed. Wasn't where I imagined myself either. Find yourself a strong support system in your friends and family. You'll survive, i promise


"No One Ever Talks About How Hard It Is To Be A Military Husband."