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26 Eye-Opening Confessions From People Who Are Genderfluid
"As a genderfluid person, I use all restrooms. Unapologetically."

Just because I'm genderfluid does not mean I can just "flow over" to indulge your fantasies 😒
Sometimes I'm happy I'm not cisgender, but other times I wish I was because being genderfluid is tiring and confusing
I'm genderfluid and I have been feeling very girly lately. Today I'm wearing a pair of panties under my clothes and it feels so amazing :)
I feel like myself
I'm genderfluid and today was the first time my husband has ever addressed me by my masculine name.
I'm Genderfluid but to keep it simple at the doctors office I stick with the gender I was born as
Being genderfluid and a model is stressful.
Even on masculine days, if I have work, I have to ignore how I feel and be girly.