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15 People Open Up About Why Hernias Are The Worst
A hernia takes place when an opening in the muscle tissue allows for an internal organ to push through. Needless to say, it is painful. This is especially true when you further aggravate it by coughing or bending over, as these people realized. Follow along as they describe the pain they went through after having a hernia. Here's what they had to say.

There's more than one way to get a hernia.

I didn't get my hernia lifting heavy things like I've been telling people. I got it from trying to push a big poop out


I had a hernia when I was a baby that was never fixed so my intestines move weird. You can see it on my stomach before I press it back into place.

The struggle.

I wish I could get my belly button pierced but I can't because I had a hernia when I was in Kindergarten.

Can't win.

I can't sleep because of my hernia and can't go to school because of it. I'm only 21. It's so unfair and it hurts like hell.


I had to call an ambulance because I had an acute hernia. As I laid in bed when they showed up, I forgot my vibrator was in plain sight.


I have only one working testicle because of a botched hernia surgery when I was in 3rd grade.