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These 19 Lesbians Cheated On Their Partners With Men. Here's What Happened...
Cheating hurts for the person being cheated on. But does it make things worse when you're a lesbian and you found out your significant other has been sneaking off with a man? These 19 lesbian couples were torn apart when one partner found out about the other's infidelity with the opposite sex. Find out how it all went down in these scandalous confessions.

You can't help what you like.

I cheated on my lesbian wife with a man. Top 5 best sex I've ever had.

Our interests change over time.

I've been in a lesbian relationship for years. The last few years I've been so unhappy. I cheated with a man. I realized I was unhappy because I want to be with a man.

No regrets.

I just cheated on my wife for the second time with the same man. I always thought I was a full lesbian until I met him and now I can't stop, and I don't feel guilty.

Sometimes one thing leads to another and...

I'm a lesbian... I cheated on my gf with a man.

I thought she'd never find out...

...until I missed my period.

Sometimes it works out for the best.

My lesbian fiancé cheated on me with a man while I was depressed. Since she left me, I've never been happier...

Is it just bisexuals?

As a lesbian, I do not date bisexuals. 
I have been cheated on more than 5 times from a bisexuals cheating on me with a man. I know it's wrong to judge a whole group of people, but it is hard not to