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These Kids Made The Most Embarrassing Comments & Left Their Parents Speechless
Kids really do say some weird stuff, whether they intend to or not. Sometimes their strange outbursts happen in public, for strangers to hear. These parents reminisce on the most embarrassing things their sweet children have said in public. These confessions will leave you laughing or cringing for sure!

Breaking news:

We were changing in the family change room in a stall and my son said loudly, "Daddy has a big penis!"


We were grocery shopping and a lady was standing on the phone blocking us so my 2 year old yells, “Move bitch!” 

No more listening to daddy's music...

A smelly scenario too.

My daughter screamed out " you farted!!!" in the line at Walgreens. It was hilarious.

SO awkward.

My son said “what’s in the box?” at a funeral.

Oh no!

"Mummy that lady is too fat for that dress"

I almost died.

Oh really?

When my youngest daughter was 4, she told a lady at church she was going to be a stripper...