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15 Scary Moments Women Almost Died While Giving Birth
For many women, giving birth is a beautiful moment to cherish for life. After nine months of waiting, getting the chance to finally meet your bundle of joy is an experience unlike any other. However, even with all of the medical advances in today's day and age, giving birth can also be very dangerous for both mother and child. These 15 women know that firsthand as they relive the moments when they nearly lost their life while giving birth.

Close call.

When I was giving birth to my son...we both almost died because the doctor didn't want to do an emergency C-section

No kidding.

I almost died giving birth, sometimes people don't realize how scary bringing a human into the world can be.

It was worth it.

I almost died giving birth to my son, and I'd do it again in a millisecond. Every terrifying, painful, and unconscious moment was one that brought him closer to me.

Being intimate again is a big step.

I'm having sex for the first time since giving birth to a stillborn at 8 months-- I almost died too. It's been a year, and I think I'm ready for that intimacy again.

Love runs deep.

I almost died twice from giving birth to my son. 

I still love him more than anything.

Not everyone shares an immediate bond with their child.

When I was giving birth to my son there were complications and I almost died. I found it hard to love him and bond with him after but now I'm slowly but surely bonding with him.