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Why These Married Men & Women Never Come Home Anymore
One of the many joys of marriage is always having a warm and friendly face to come home to and spend your time with. For these people, their marriages are lacking this entirely. Their partners are never around and feel like total strangers at times. Read on to see what it's like for these married and lonely people.

Not ideal.

I’m 8 months pregnant and want a divorce.  My husband is never home and when he is, he’s loaded.

Sounds like trouble.

My husband is never home and when he is he never has time for me. So I slipped up and slept with one of my guy friends twice. I'm afraid to tell him because I love him. You don't cheat on those you love...


If it ain't bad enough that my wife is never home, I found she emails her physically & emotionally abusive ex husband every week at least once sometimes more!

The struggle is real.

My husband is never home. When he is home he is so mean and hurtful. I am so lonely and want to leave. I just don't know how I could make it work being a single mom.

Trouble in paradise.

My husband is never home, he works like crazy!! But we get along better when he’s not at home. We just push each others buttons.

Messed up!

Finding it hard to make up excuses as to why my husband is always gone. I can't tell my son "daddy is with friends again tonight because he hates spending time with us"