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True Life: I Had A Psychotic Break
What is it like experiencing a psychotic break? While the severity of it can vary from person to person, it's not something that anyone wants to go through, as these confessions show. These 15 people open up about their harrowing experiences of going through a real-life psychotic break. Find out what they had to say about the horrifying experience in their own words.

It's a scary moment when you realize you're having a psychotic break.

I used to love psychedelics until I had a psychotic break that triggered my bipolar disorder.
Ever since I had a psychotic break and spent two weeks in a mental health facility, I've been questioning my sanity almost every day.

Sometimes it's not so bad.

I had a mildly contained psychotic break actuality. I felt numb but had violent impulses that was hard to control. I just wanted to do things that made no sense and had no reason. I'm better now.

The symptoms may vary.

Last year on my 35th birthday I think i had a major psychotic break  i was hearing voices and totally paranoid I never truly divulged the ugly details in fear of the repercussions

It makes you feel down.

I had a psychotic break yesterday and shaved part of my beautiful hair. I'm ashamed. I fear I will never not be worthless.
I had a psychotic break after not sleeping for over a week.